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February 28, 2022

Justice, equality and diversity statement

ICOM Australia advocates for inclusive, participatory and sustainable museums. ICOM Australia stands against all forms of racial injustice and inequality and advocates for change.

As the leading membership body representing the Australian museums, galleries, heritage and archives internationally, we take an active part in ending racism in the heritage sector.

We acknowledge that museums have an important role in recognising and challenging historic perspectives and that collections and shared knowledge can be used to highlight issues that matter to our communities. ICOM Australia recognises that museums are trusted institutions, which brings a responsibility to be diverse in the stories they tell and in the diversity of their staff and volunteers.

Museums can play a critical role in building a society that is diverse, inclusive and tolerant and ICOM Australia will continue to support Australian museums and galleries to do that in both a national and international context.

ICOM Australia commits to representing our members across the sector and providing available tools to support the fight against racism and discrimination; facilitating debate and discussion around our shared collections; encouraging diversity in the staff who care for our collections.

We recommend the following websites and resources for museums: