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Joining ICOM is a commitment to be part of the international museum community. ICOM membership is open to museums and galleries, their staff and volunteers, museum sector providers, museum retirees and students enrolled in related university courses. Membership runs on calendar year and is from 1 January to 31 December, with renewals accepted from October in the year prior.

ICOM membership requires you agree to the ICOM Code of Ethics. Take a few minutes to read this before you submit your application.

ICOM membership requires payment of a fee, and then an annual fee to renew your membership. Membership rates are outlined here.

  • Memberships are valid from 1 January to 31 December of each year.
  • ICOM Australia is closed during Christmas/new year period. All members are advised to renew no later than 12 December for the following year.
  • ICOM accepts new membership applications until 1 September of each year.
  • See our FAQs for more information.

Please note: ICOM membership shall not be available to any person or institution (including its employees) that trades (i.e. buys or sells for profit) cultural property – including works of art and natural and scientific specimens – taking national laws and international conventions into consideration. Likewise, persons or institutions engaged in an activity that conflicts with ICOM´s ethical standards shall not be eligible for membership. (please refer to the ICOM Statutes for further information)

All new memberships are entered using the on-line application form:

online aplication form

Individual membership

Individual Memberships are available to Museum professionals who:

  • Are Employed in a museum or institution that qualifies as a Museum (as per the ICOM Statutes)
  • In a professional capacity, their main activity is to provide services, knowledge and expertise for museums and the museum community.

Benefits include:

  • Professional meetings and information exchange, access to 30 international committees
  • Free or discounted museum entry with your ICOM card worldwide at member museums (member museums determine the benefit they offer to members, please contact the institution directly to confirm).
  • ICOM international magazine, policy documents and museums standards which will inform and enhance your career.
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Reciprocal benefits with Australian Museums and Galleries Association (including a 5% discount for AMaGA members)

Institutional membership

Benefits include:

  • All of the individual membership benefits
  • Provision of three (3) and up to seven (8) ICOM cards depending on the level of membership (see membership rates for further information)
  • Grants personnel free entry to member museums internationally
  • Permits registration for three (3) and up to seven (7) individuals at relevant ICOM conferences and events

ICOM’s institutional members may be requested to show proof of their employment, such as a staff pass or official letter with the institutional member for entry to some museums.

Student membership (Non-voting members)

Students enrolled in full time museum, gallery, curatorial, conservation or heritage studies programs in Australian Universities are eligible for ICOM membership.

To be considered for a student membership, you must attach proof of enrolment to your ICOM application. Failure to do this may result in automatic rejection of your application.

Note: Student members are non-voting members.

Retiree membership

Retiree memberships are available to Individuals who:

  • Have worked in a museum or gallery for the majority of their career
  • Worked in a museum of gallery during the last few years of your profession prior to retiring
  • Retirees currently volunteering on a regular basis in the museum and gallery sector

To be considered for a Retiree membership, please attach supporting information (such as a CV or brief history of involvement in the sector) to your ICOM application.

Apply on-line using the link below

  online application form  

Supporting membership

Individual or Institutions providing substantial assistance to ICOM both financially and otherwise, due to an interest in museums and the international co-operation between museums.

Supporting memberships are assessed for eligibility on a case by case basis.

Please reach out to to enquire about a supporting membership.