Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which we hope will help you get the most out of your ICOM membership.

Q: How do I renew my membership and pay the annual fee?
The easiest and quickest way to renew your membership is via direct deposit to the ICOM Australia account:
EFT (electronic funds transfer)

BSB: 013 030
Account number: 1980 08971
Account Name: Aust. National Comm. ICOM

Membership fees

Still Working: $162.
Students or Retirees: $75.
(see the membership rates page for discounted membership rates for existing AMaGA members)

As we receive many payments to our account for memberships, it is essential to include a reference that we can identify your payment and allocate it to your membership. This reference should be: [MEMBER SURNAME] and [ICOM MEMBERSHIP NUMBER] with no spaces, for example: SMITH1234. Failure to do this will result in significant delays in identifying your payment and processing your membership as we will have to take additional steps to correctly identify and allocate your payment. If you forget to include this as your reference, please email: members@icom.org.au. at

Q: I want to pay my membership renewal by credit card
You can pay by credit card via PayPal (accessed via the IRIS ICOM database). You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via credit card!

Log-in to IRIS (ICOM database)
Go to: https://icom-museum.force.com/login
Username: [your email address registered with your account]
Password: [select ‘Forgot Password’ to re-set your password]

When you have successfully logged into the IRIS database:
– Scroll down to the ‘My memberships and payments’ section.
– Select ‘Pending Payments’
– Find the appropriate invoice and click ‘Proceed to payment’
– Under ‘your payment method’ select ‘PayPal’ (You do not have to be a PayPal customer to pay via credit card here)
– Pay your membership ($162 still working, $75 retirees and students) by credit card.

Please note that this will not immediately change your payment status to ‘Paid’ – this is done when our memberships team internally receive and process the payment.

Q. Can I pay my membership fee over the phone?
ICOM Australia has recently undertaken a transfer of membership administrative duties and will no longer have the capacity to facilitate over the phone payments.

Q. Why are there multiple invoices for a membership year and which should I pay?
Occasionally the system will create duplicate invoices for the same membership year – you are only required pay one invoice. (If you view both invoices, one will be missing information). We manually remove the duplicate invoice when we receive and process your payment.


Log-in to IRIS (ICOM database)
Go to: https://icom-museum.force.com/login
Username: [your email address]
Password: [select ‘Forgot Password’ to re-set your password]

Your email address is the email address that you elected when you submitted your ICOM application.

Access the IRIS ICOM database to update your personal information such as employment, studies, address, e-mail and contact numbers.

Q: How do I change my email used for the ICOM IRIS portal?
If you still have access to the email (which is your user name for the IRIS system) you can do this simply by logging in and updating your information. If you no longer have access to the original email address, please contact members@icom.org.au and they will update this for you.

Q. I have requested a password re-set, but have not received e-mail instructions?
Ensure you are using the e-mail address you elected when you first created your ICOM membership. If you are using an institutional or organisation address (such as a org.au or gov.au), the incoming e-mail may have been marked as spam. In the first instance, please contact your IT administrator to enquire if they are holding e-mails (these may be marked as ‘Salesforce’ emails). Gmail accounts also often detect the incoming e-mails as spam or junk. If you have completed the above steps and are still not receiving an e-mail to re-set your password, please contact members@icom.org.au and we will provide further advice.


Q: My ICOM sticker has not arrived even though I paid my renewal days/weeks/months ago, what do I do?
Stickers can take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. Log in to the IRIS ICOM database to ensure your address is correct. If it is correct, contact members@icom.org.au who will investigate further.

Q: I am interested in joining ICOM, how do I do this?
ICOM Membership is available to individuals working in museums, Retirees who were working in a museum (still currently in a volunteer capacity) and to academics studying, researching or teaching Museum and Heritage Studies. The definition of a Museum is available on the ICOM website. All information is on our website: https://icom-australia.mini.icom.museum/ and the link to apply is here: https://icom-museum-membership.secure.force.com/ICOM_Adhesion?CodeLangue=EN

Q: I was a member a few years ago but have not renewed for some years. Do I need to submit a new membership application?
No, all memberships since 2000 are on record and you only have to renew your membership. Please contact members@icom.org.au and advise them of your current eligibility to re-join ICOM and they will assist you further.

Q: I am going overseas soon, if I join ICOM will my ICOM card be delivered in time?
The membership process can take 6 – 8 weeks. All membership applications need to be presented to the ICOM Board and cards received in Australia from the Paris head office. If you wish to utilise your ICOM membership and you have not received a membership card, a letter confirming your membership from the ICOM Australia chair can be provided. Contact members@icom.org.au to request this.

Q: I will be in Paris, can I collect my ICOM card from the office there?
Unfortunately it is not possible to collect you ICOM card directly from Paris. All cards are sent to Australia and posted out to members.

Q: Is my information kept secure and confidential?
Preservation of ICOM Australia member’s private information is important to ICOM Australia. Data that you communicate to us when you visit our website, become a member, submit an application, or take part in any activity organised by ICOM Australia is kept strictly confidential. When you access the IRIS membership site or ICOM International your privacy is securely held as outlined in the ICOM policy: https://icom.museum/en/privacy-policy/