ICOM Committees

International Committees

ICOM has 32 International Committees .
Each of these is devoted to the study of a particular type of museum or to a specific museum-related discipline.

ICOM members may apply to join an International Committee.

Regional Alliances

ICOM Regional Alliances provide a forum for exchange of information and co-operation among National Committees, museums and professional museum workers in the region for which they are established.

National Committees may join the Regional Alliances of their region.

Affiliated Organisations

Nearly 20 specialist organisations  are affiliated to ICOM.

Their role is to bring together a particular type of museum or group of museums and / or museum professionals in a specific region. They are self-governing bodies and participate in some of ICOM’s activities. They are represented by their president at the ICOM Advisory Council

Any International Organisation whose membership is composed of at least two third of museums or museum professionals may become an Affiliated Organisation of ICOM. Members of ICOM may apply to join an Affiliated Organisation .